The #1 Wild West Division Seed, CCFC

June 29, 2019 at 6:00pm Contra Costa FC took on JASA of Redwood City in a UPSL Playoff Match up.

The #1 Wild West Division Seed, CCFC, was just ranked as the #4 team in the UPSL. JASA was the Wild West Division winner of the Spring Season in 2018 and had beaten CCFC earlier in the UPSL Fall Season at home. The scene was set, the suspense was building and both teams were hungry looking to advance to the next round.
The match started out back and forth throughout the first twenty minutes as both teams looked to gain the possession advantage. JASA looked to control the ball with pace and push out of their back line. CCFC looked to move quickly during transition while playing through their wings. The first half moved back and forth as both Keepers made it tough for each team to score.
As the match progressed towards the end of the first half CCFC got in rhythm and seemed to be knocking at the door with missed opportunities. Johnathan "Tata" Ayala had a few good looks atop the 18 that sailed inches from a first goal. The JASA keeper seemed to find a way to get his hand on a few balls as the CCFC attack led by Eli Padilla and Luis "Angel" Navarro increased.
41st minute of play a ball played across the 6 found its way on to left backs Steven Henry's foot as he put CCFC up 1-0 heading in to halftime.
The second half seemed to be an organized assault followed by counters from both teams. Possession leaned towards CCFC as they kept JASA from scoring. Andrew Konstantino, CCFC's Goal Keeper, made a few Sports Center worthy saves to keep CCFC up 1-0. In the 80' minute of play Luis "Angel" Navarro took a long rebound the distance of the pitch as he blew past two JASA players. A left footed crack struck the top of the cross bar as this would have locked in CCFC's victory.
From the 85' to the 94' minute of the match JASA tried to push as CCFC held strong defensively anchored down by Isaiah Dargan, Nic Bob and Brandon Kearny. A last minute breakaway by Missael Hernandez, although unsuccessful, sealed the deal for CCFC as the ball never made it past half field again.
Contra Costa FC has moved on to the next round by beating JASA of Redwood City with a final score of 1-0. They take on Pajaro Valley United on July 6, 2019 at 6:00pm.