CCFC Enters the UPSL Strong…

In the opening match of the 2019 season your Contra Costa FC took on the San Francisco Hearts toppling them 4-0. CCFC came out swinging right out the gates with an intensity that can only come from anticipation, as they have been waiting patiently for their debut. "The team clicked, we played well and strung some really nice combinations together," said Captain Brandon Kearny. CCFC lead the Hearts at half with a 2-0 margin but didn't settle. "We seemed to play well and keep our shape during most of the match. These guys haven't played together much lately so there is a lot we need to work on," said the Director of Player Development Jon Scoles. Goals were put in by Luis "Angel" Navarro, Brandon "BK" Kearny, Eruvey "Jr" Arecta and finally Ben Reiter.
Next Match: Contra Costa FC v Chico City on March 16th @ 6:00pm
Location: Northgate High School