Club History

The club was founded in 2015 by Danny Digistino. Danny, a New Jersey transplant, discovered a need to supply adult pick up soccer to the greater community of Contra Costa County. Danny begin by simply forming a meet up group to allow for passionate ex-soccer players a place to play some friendly competition. The response quickly gained headway as Danny, along with a few local coaches, decided to take the team to a local competitive soccer league. By year two the team, which was now split in to a premier and reserves group, started turning heads with league championships.

2018... Danny and Coach Devin Taylor solicited Functional Muscle Fitness and Functional Soccer Academy, a premier fitness / athletic performance facility equipped with a small-sided indoor soccer pitch, to assist in training the Premier team. Coach Wine, of Functional Muscle Fitness, saw the promise in the organization and the need for a higher level professional football team in Contra Costa County. Beginning in May of 2018  Coach Wine came on board with Coach Taylor as the premier team captured the LigaNorCal Cup Championship.
Fast forward to present time... the premier team has entered the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, the Copa Cup and Liga Premier under the direction and guidance of Head Coach Derricke Brown assisted by Coach Jon Scoles. With a new roster and new coaches the team continues to make strides toward the future.
CCFC goal is to promote and provide high level soccer that inspires young footballers. Through partnership with Functional Soccer Academy CCFC will continue to operate at a high level, while the premier team looks to move to a higher level of play. CCFC is all about community, players first, and quality soccer. The goal and vision is to provide this to ALL young footballers through professional matches, clinics, camps and so much more...

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