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Match of the Week: March 21, 2019

Champions Division
The Champions Division Match of the Week was Fusion vs Costa FC. The scoreline should tell the story but the conclusion of the match was the defining moment of the night with the tying goal coming in the last few minutes. The match was back-in-forth all night as both teams left it all out on the pitch. Although both teams are in the bottom half of the league standings and currently out of playoffs this match seems to have the potential to be the spark that could ignite their late playoff run.
Division One
The Division One Match of the Week was Tsunami vs Diablo Valley United. Coming off a strong victory last week Tsunami battled it out and gave Diablo Valley United all they could handle. However, DVU stayed strong and technical as they put some quality soccer together all night long pulling ahead by two goals in the end. A strong match for both teams as they continue to battle our league leaders WC United and Tapo Ultimo. As we draw towards the conclusion of league play it is going to be interesting to see how the playoff picture ends up looking.

Match of the Week: February 21, 2019

After a two-week delay to the New Years CONTRA 7's league week three was finally played out. The time off left a few teams rusty and fatigued to begin their matches. As the players settled in to their matches they found touch and chemistry, which allowed the second half of each match to be played at a high level.
Champions Division Match of the Week :
Team Gold vs Team Black. This match was by far the fastest pitch and most competitive match of the night. A wide array of foot skills, coordinated counters and wing build up made this match invigorating. The match was tied 3-3 until the final 2-minutes. As the 2-minute warning was announced a ball was played in to the box to the far post perfect to Isaiah Dragans' chest as he slashed in. He played it from his chest to his thigh as it squeezed past Team Black's Goalie to make it 4-3.
Division One Match of the Week:
does not have a match of the week but we did choose a TEAM of the week. That award goes to Frogs FC. Week 1 & 2 of this season the Frogs FC, led by Captain Kevin Johnson, seemed to struggle not only defending but scoring. Loosing big in both of their first two matches they sat at the bottom of the standings. However, week three was a different story as they shut down Diablo Valley United by holding them to only three goals while putting in five of their own.

Match of the Week: January 31 2019

Another tough fought week of Contra 7's. 16 teams faced off and 8 came out on top with our second straight week with no draws. The matches seemed to be split with some teams starting to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.
Champions Division Match of the Week :
Team FSA faced off against Costa FC in a nail biter. The match started off with a quick goal by FSA and they never lost the lead again. Every time they put another goal in Costa FC countered with another of their own. The two teams battled for the entirety of the match as Costa FC took a strong hold of possession and shot opportunities in the last 15 minutes. Although Team FSA seemed to lose its luster Costa FC didn't quite have enough to pull it out at the end. Team FSA stayed on top finishing with six over Costa FC's five.
Division One Match of the Week:
Although the scoreline did not reflect the match of the week this match was chosen because a "team to beat" seems to be determined at this point for Division One. Team 24 toped the Frogs FC with an 11 to 2 victory. Everything seemed to be clicking for Team 24 as their possession and opportunities came at will. Shayan Azizeddin stepped in as the leading scorer putting in four goals to lead this dominating victory for Team 24.

Match of the Week: January 24, 2019

With Week one of the CONTRA 7's league in the books it is still unclear who is the division favorite. There were some close matches along with some lopsided ones. Through the cold night and damp air teams tried to shake some of the rust off from being off the pitch for more than a month. New teams took shape while struggling to put balls past some skilled keepers.
Champions Division Match of the Week :
Team Black vs Team Fusion. The match ended with Black on top 11 to Fusions 5, which may seem lopsided, but can be credited in large part to goalkeeper Salvador Rodriguez. Save after save the team captain for Fusion, Jon Scoles, said "it was a struggle to get anything past him tonight."
Division One Match of the Week:
 was between the newly founded Team 24 vs Costa FC. The match got off to a shaky start as Costa FC tried to figure out their new personnel and how to play together. On the other hand Team 24 came out swinging with more communication and history as a group. Following the match our referee commented "wow that was a close one, I can't wait to see these two teams square off again. I think 24 might get the edge on the next one."