CCFC Reserves


CCFC Reserves vs Holy Names, Exhibition Match
As CCFC Reserves continues to be evaluated and reconfigured the team was put to a tough test against a young and fit Holy Names team. The teams battled it out missing up front opportunities. However, possession clearly went in Holy Names favor as they were a more fit and organized team. Coach Evan Sassano had the guys moving the ball around while CCFC Reserves seemed to struggle to build chemistry. There were some solid moments for CCFC to continue to build off of as they look towards their next match.
The next match for CCFC Reserves is away against Academica Reserves of Turlock in Liga Premier of NorCal.

CCFC Liga Team took on Santa Elena CF on Sunday 3/17/19 in a nail biter.

Santa Elena CF struck first as they seemed to control the pace and possession for the first 20 minutes. CCFC Liga is still finding they chemistry and style of play, which has been the reason for the slow start two matches in a row. However, CFCC Liga, although down 3-1 at one point, fought back and found the back of the net three times. Tied 3-3 going in to the last 10 minutes of the match a through ball was slotted up top to Eruvey Arceta as he put in his 3rd goal of the match, completing his hat trick and finalizing the score line for CCFC.

Contra Costa FC Reserves falls 3-2 against a new Aguiluchos Team...
With Contra Costa FC playing in two matches on the same night the Coaching Staff had to introduce a new lineup and new faces to Liga NorCal. It did not fair well against a new young invigorated Aguiluchos team. "The first 30 minutes of the match were flat out ugly. We didn't keep shape. We pressured but left gaps and they got exploited. Frankly, we were a new team out there and our guys were learning how to play together," said Coach Bedig. CCFC has some balancing to do as they learn to manage and engage all the talent they have on the roster. "We will figure it out," said President Mark Wine. "Our guys are good but with all this rain we just haven't had enough time for them to learn how to play as a unit, gain chemistry, become a team. We will bounce back strong"
Next Match: CCFC Reserves vs Santa Elena FC @ 2:00pm, March 17th at Shorty Garcia Park.

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